Surveying Phyang Valley

November 1, 2014

Our team has been working hard on surveying the Phyang Valley where the 2.5 km pipeline will be laid in November. Engineer Dr. Tsewang Thinlas and the monks of Phyang monastery went up and down the whole length of the valley several times to mark the route of the pipeline which will be 2.5 km long and have a drop in head (difference in height from inlet and outlet) of 65 m.

This is interesting because our Ice Stupas will be roughly 35 m high, so we will have enough head extra to run a micro-hydro power plant for the village as a bonus. The same head difference can be used in summer to run hundreds of sprinklers to make artificial rain in the desert.

For more details and contribution, please click the link below:…/ice-stupa-artificial-…/x/8841831