Precious Drops

December 15, 2014

Water Kingdom Supports the Ice Kingdom
As people in Ladakh are embarking on an ambitious innovative venture of building Ice Stupa artificial glaciers to counter climate change, people around the world have been donating on the Indiegogo crowd-funding site to raise $ 119,500 (rupees 72 lakh) globally for this project.

For some time, we in Ladakh had been observing that compared to other countries in the world the contribution from India has been disappointingly small. But then as the Indian saying goes, "Sau Sunaar ke, Eik lohar ka." A hundred strokes of a goldsmith is outmatched by a single stroke of the blacksmith.

Today Essel Group, the company that owns the Water Kingdom, Asia’s largest theme based water park in Mumbai, has offered to match every contribution to the Ice Stupa project in its last week on Indiegogo between the 15th of December and 22nd December.

This was conveyed to us personally by Mr. Ashok Goel, Director of the Essel Group. I am sure every Ladakhi will be delighted to learn that Indian givers are second to none.

In simple terms, asaan shabdon mein... what this matching contribution means is that if anyone in the world donates $100 to the Ice Stupa project, Essel World will donate $100 and if they donate $10,000 then Essel World will match it with $10,000.